The Recycling Store Project Funding Campaign Launch

The 20/09/18 marks the launch of The Recycling Stores funding campaign launch. The month long campaign will aim to raise £200,000 to begin operations with The Recycling Store Project. 

Started in 2016, the project has grown to work with national and international organisations. Furthermore, the team working on the project has grown from one to three departments within the company working on the project. 

Quote from Max Bateman

What Is The Recycling Store Project?

The Recycling Store Project works from a simple fact. If someone sees value in something, there less likely to throw it away. The project adds value to recycling by offering an intensive for each item recycle.

Being a community interest company means we always have the community at heart. This means all company profits are invested back into the community. Our job ins’t to make that profit. but to ensure that we are able to reduce as much waste as possible from becoming hazardous.

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