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The Recycling Store is a community interest company based in Dorset. The company is based on delivering waste management education for free to anyone who may need it. The second main aim is our Recycling Store Project. The project is was designed after research found that 9/10 people would recycle if there was an financial incentive. From this research we started our project and is now one of our main business objectives.  

A community interest company is a type of company introduced by the United Kingdom government in 2005 under the Companies Act 2004, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. 

When you recycle, a majority of the time tit’s either plastic, glass or a forum of metal such as tin. These materials aren’t worthless because they have no further use to you. These materials can be turned into something new. Because of this manufactures are always looking for resources to make there products. When these manufactures buy the material from us, we make a profit. An example of this could be a plastic bottle. Once someone has finished with it, they are then able to deposit the bottle into our reverse vending machine. The item, depending on it’s size and material is worth a value, that value is then given to the person. The item is then shredded or crush and stored, ready to be taken away to a manufacture to be melted down and turn into something new. Once the plastic is collected, The Recycling Store are paid.

The Recycling Store team is made up of a range of people with a range in backgrounds. Our senior management team consists of  people who have been with the CIC from the start and have a good understanding of the company and the market that we operate within. Our management team consists of people who have a strong knowledge of there particular field. While some of our team hold degrees, others bring practical knowledge to the organisation.

Our goal as a CIC is to allow as many people as we can to be aware of the correct way to recycle and take our of our planet. By making all our learning resources free, they are more accessible by schools and business, as well a people who need to find out information that’s both fast and correct.

If you need to contact a certain person within The Recycling Store you can either call us on 01202 233490


Email: Contact@TheRecyclingStore.Org

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