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Project Information

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Becoming A Project Sponsor Opens Doors To Your Organisation While Supporting Your Local Community & Environment

The Recycling Strore CIC

Each household produces around 1 tonne of rubbish every year.  

The amount of rubbish we throw away is increasing due to things like lifestyle changes and an increasing population. 

We need to increase the amount of rubbish that is recycled because we cannot continue to landfill or burn it forever…

Benefits Of Sponsoring The Recycling Store Project

To Your Community

  • Reduces Litter & Dumped Waste In The Community
  • Create Local Part & Full Time Jobs
  • Boosts The Local Economy
  • Bring Different Groups and Communities Together
  • Create Financial Incentive To Recycle For Everyone To Access
  • Create A Safer, More Enjoyable Environment To Live In

To Your Environment

  • Reduces The Amount Of Waste Sent To Landfills & Incinerators
  • Conserve Natural Resources
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Saves energy
  • Protect The Environment & Animal Habitats

To Your Business

  • Free Access To Our Exclusive Waste Management Advisers To Your Business
  • Cultivate A Green Image For Your Brand
  • Exclusive Access To Our Waste Services To Lower Your Waste Costs
  • You & Your Staff Invited To The Recycling Store Events
  • Exclusive Access To Our Training Services With Recognised Certifications
  • Have Your Brand Displayed As A Sponsor Across Our Company
  • Recommend Our Clients, Staff & Service Users Use Your Services
  • Supporting You To Meeting Legal Waste Obligations
  • Your Business Entered Into Our Regular Prize Draws
  • Establish A Better Business Reputation With Supporting The Community
  • Attract New Business Opportunities
  • Become Eligible For Various Awards That Improve Your Business Image

To The Nation

  • Stimulate the Use of Greener Technologies:
  • Increases Economic Security By Tapping A Domestic Source Of Materials
  • Supports British Manufacturing & Conserves Valuable Resources
  • Saves Energy
  • Creates Vital Services To Ensure National Waste Targets Are Met
"When you sponsor The Recycling Store Project, you do more than you think. Your supporting local communities in need, assisting the war on waste and protecting the environment. Not to mention your boosting the economy, creating jobs and bringing people together. What's not to love?"
Finley Davies-Heath
Operations Manager

Local people working with local communities

It’s important to us that we work with the community to serve the community. 

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Our Sponsor Rewards

Showing You What Can Be Done With Recycled Material – Rewarding You For Supporting A Good Cause

Recycling Awards

Nominate Your Place Of Education Or Business For A Waste Management Award

Enter your place of education or business  and tell us why your deserve the award. Winning nominations will recieve a waste managment award and will be entered into a prize draw each month and year. Good luck!

The Recycling Store Project is the result of years of research and community work coming together to make a lasting change to our world.