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Keeping Your Community Clean

The Recycling Store – Clean Community Project

2016 marked the first year of operations for The Recycling Store. While many projects have grown since then, one that has remained one of our prioritises is the Clean Community Project. 

Everyone from The Recycling Store team spend 30% of their time litter picking. From directors to designers, everyone takes part in keeping the community clean. It’s one of our core values to try make a direct change to the amount of litter in our community where we are based. 

Being a community interest company means we have the community best interests at heart. This is why we work with volunteers from across the community with a range of backgrounds to keep the community clean and litter free.

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What Benefits Does The Clean Community Project Have?

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Litter does cause severe accidents. All that it takes is for some trash in the road and it’s a car accident waiting to happen.  Whether it’s because somebody drove their tiny Toyota Prius over a wooden crate on the road or somebody swerves their RV to avoid the trash, you can indirectly cause a car accident by littering on the road. Car accidents lead to severe injuries and even deaths.

Household waste, industrial waste, construction waste and other like packaging waste are most common types of sources of litter.

It doesn’t look to nice. Places with high littering are also often riddled with crime, less values on homes and property, and are more likely to be the site of fires. You could ultimately end up losing money on your house,

Litter spoils water quality. The hazardous waste seeps into soil and can cause ground water pollution. 

Litter can block drains and sewers. This can result in floods and transport delays. Keeping litter off the streets safe guards against it becoming a danger to the environment, wildlife and humans. 

Littering can carry germs, bacteria, and viruses. One of the harmful germs is Scavengers. They can have devastating effect on the crops as cattle are susceptible from ingesting the chemical objects or even metal of the rubbish. 


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