Recycling In Schools Program

Recycling at school is an important way to get children involved in tackling climate change and other important issues

Recycling will also help your school save money. We have provided lots of resources and tips to help you get started. 

The average school currently spends between £300 and £1000 on waste disposal each year (depending on size), and produces a minimum of 1 tonne of waste per term!

go paperless...

One way to stop unnecessary waste is not have it in the first place. Doing presentations, homework and written activities online can support a move to going paperless. It means less money being spent on paper, lesss trees being cut down to make the paper and less of a chance of your homework being eaten by the dog 😉


Useful Information Sheets

Services in your area

Many local authorities offer their own recycling services to schools. Those that don’t have their own recycling services should be able to put you in touch with organisations who will collect recycling from schools in your area. Contact the recycling department at your local council to find out more.

Things To Consider

Are there any restrictions in terms of timings and vehicle access to your school site?

How often will your recycling be collected?

where will your school store materials for recycling?  How much storage does your school have?

Discuss issues with your school’s health and safety representative. Do you need gloves? Do you need litter pickers? How can you keep everyone safe?

How much will the recycling service cost? Can costs be offset against savings in your general rubbish collection?

Recycling is easy and fun! Whether you start your own club or group, or set up a whole school recycling program, we want to help. Look down below for more details!

The Recycling Store are ready to help your school, college or university with your recycling projects and programs. Whether you need us to support you, your team or your school in designing, implementing and upholding your project or program. We want to help. Chat with us today to find out more

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